OKAY…SO, WHAT MAKES THIS BODY WRAP DIFFERENT THAN TYPICAL SALON BODY WRAPS???1) This wrap is an area targeting body wrap…it targets specific problem areas instead of wrapping your whole body.2) Cash and Carry item…pick the product up from a local distributor, internet site, salon, shop, etc. and go

3) This wrap is done in the privacy of your own home…so no lengthy or embarrassing salon visits.

4) Everything you need is in the little package, the wrap cloth is non-woven and impregnated with a detoxifying gel – so there is no mixing of various hard-to-find ingredients. Just open the package, apply, and go.

5) This is a NON-DEHYDRATION wrap. It does not give you water loss, but actually encourages you to drink water to detoxify your body. These wraps contain no salt or diuretics.

6) The ingredients are all natural herbal and not tested on animals…no chemicals are added.

7) UNLIKE typical salon wraps, you do not need a wet room.

We actually encourage consumption of water throughout the wrap process to help facilitate flushing of the toxins from the body.

9) It is affordable!!! The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator can cost as little as $25 and no more than $50 each – unlike salon wraps where you can pay upwards of $100 or more (not to mention your time lost at the salon).

10) Besides fat/inch loss benefits, the wrap also tones, tighten and firms, sagging or slackening skin.

11) You’ll see immediate results within 45 minutes as well as progressive results for up to 72 hours after the wrap has been applied.

12) By utilizing the Fab wrap, you can wrap people all day long as you run errands or meet with friends!

fab-wrap ultimate-body-applicator




Before-After-Photo2 1509843_711503855539586_1873851955_n

It Works Body Wrap Parties

It Works! Wrap Parties are unlike any home spa or product party you’ve ever experienced! It’s a time for you and your guests to have fun, laugh and most of all, get results right at the party!
When you host a Wrap Party, you and your guests get to try the Ultimate Body Applicator, a one-of-a-kind body contouring treatment that can tighten, tone, and firm any place on the body in as little as 45 minutes. All you need is water for everyone and a private space, such as a bathroom or side room, where guests can apply the Applicator to wear underneath their clothing. No disrobing required-it’s a cinch to place the Applicator on your skin wherever you want to see results!
Watch a Wrap Party in action here:


And they are FUN!!! Come check my page out at Fun Wrap Parties!

Is IT a Pyramid Scheme?

If someone says, “this is a Pyramid scheme” Well, we have a customer base and if they really know what a Pyramid scheme is, they will stop there. Multi-level marketing (MLM) involves being recruited in order to sell a product or service that actually has some inherent value. As a recruit, you can make a profit from the sales of the product or service, so you don’t necessarily have to recruit more salespeople below you. While you may be encouraged to recruit other salespeople whose sales would give you more profit, you can stick to just selling the product directly to the consumer if you choose.

A pyramid scheme MLM, however, will most likely sell a product with no independent value. The product could take the form of reports of some kind, for example, or mailing lists. In this kind of pyramid scheme, you would be required to recruit new members into the MLM in order to make a profit and keep the MLM alive. Joining the MLM is the only reason anyone would buy the products sold by this pyramid scheme.

Multilevel Marketing, Direct Selling, Network Marketing, One of those “Pyramid Thingys” (if you are stuck the 80’s) They are now what FRANCHISING was. MLM’s are the franchise for the masses!! Look at the facts!


    • Multilevel Marketing is an over $30 billion per year industry in the United States. ($117 billion worldwide!)
    • Over 74% of U.S. adults have purchased products via a Multi Level Marketing Rep.
  • 80% of women in the United States making over $100,000 per year do it through Multilevel Marketing.(my guess is most of those women are in It Works! Global)  😉
  • Over 74% of U.S. adults have purchased products via a Multilevel Marketing Reps.
  • Multi Level Marketing as an industry has created more Millionaires in the US than any other industry. (This holds true worldwide as well)


The great advantage of MLM’s is that there is a system that you can follow to create wealth. All the steps are the same some run, some walk, some crawl. Sadder yet is some sit and watch it go right by them.


No other industry has someone willing to give you their secrets to success to make you successful because it puts their success in jeopardy.


In MLM’s we freely share those secrets because in this industry in order for some one to make more income they have to help more people. Case in point would it be okay with you if I showed you how to make anywhere from a $10,000 to a $75,000 bonus in the next three months? Go in to work tomorrow and ask your employer if the have a pay plan that can match it?? They will look at you like you are crazy.


Now the truth. You do not wake up in the morning and not go to work all week and then go to the office and ask why you didn’t get paid. THAT IS CRAZY TALK!! Why is this any different? IT IS WORK!! Treat it like a job and it will pay you a six figure income. Treat it like a hobby and YOU WILL GET FRUSTRATED. Period!!


The main difference is that with your “Job” you have to continue to show up to work to continue to get paid. With this “MLM” you do the work and you continue to get paid for the work you did prior and prior to that on top of the work you are currently doing. Eventually the work you have done the first few years has compounded to the point where you dont have to show up to get paid. YOU JUST GET PAID!!!


Are you with the right Company??


Why do I believe that It Works! Global is the right company for you??


Ask yourself this of all the MLM companies what do they all have in common??


They have always been about a premium product (which is always great), at a premium price, that nobody really wants to purchase other then the people who are selling it. (and the few relatives they got to buy it) It is not that the product is bad. It is just something that people don’t READILY want, so why are they being expected to pay a premium price for it??


So why It Works! Global??

We have premium products, at a wholesale price, that people want, they just don’t know it exists yet! What if I presented It Works! Global to a group of business and economy majors or a group of marketing majors and I presented them with just these facts

  • we have a premium product
  • its priced for customers at wholesale
  • it is first to market and no one else can get the products formula
  • it gives people instant results
  • it is a product that people would buy instantly but tell you doesn’t exist
  • the company is at less then 1% market cap for the US and is a global company
  • the company has had over 300% growth for more than three years running

Based on just that…. These well educated business and marketing minded people would select this company as a start up they would choose 9 out of 10 times!


This just happens to be It Works! Global’s list.


Do you have the right Product??


Talking about products we have to go back to the premium products. Most people have a vitamin or a shake. They are ALL great! But nobody wants to buy them. Nobody wants to talk about how awesome your or my vitamin, juice, shake is! Especially when they are told it will take a 90 day program to make it happen!


What do we know about our society?

We are a vanity driven society (don’t believe me? next time you look at a picture of you and your friends who is the first person you look at to see if is a good picture or not). We want microwave instant gratification that doesn’t want to work for results or spend a lot of money to do it. Oh and if we have a choice we would want it to be healthy but that doesn’t really matter either. On a side note women (and men) have been known to skip paying a bill in an attempt to purchase a product that makes them feel better about their appearance. What do we offer?? The It Works! Wrap hits all of these

  • we offer a vanity product to fix YOUR problem area
  • people get results in as little as 45 minute
  • no diet or exercise are involved (we encourage them but it doesn’t keep you from seeing results)
  • it is just $25-30 to try or $59 for 4 applications for customers (most people spend that on a bad weekend)
  • it uses all natural premium herbs and botanicals
  • people are looking for a product like it but haven’t found it


The great thing is that you never have to SELL a Wrap you just have to TELL people about it. There is no competition NO ONE ELSE HAS THIS WRAP!!! Other companies customers can use the Wrap with their products!! We also have an amazing line of supplements and skin care that we love to talk about too, but NO ONE ELSE HAS A WRAP!!! It Works! Global is in a position with a product that people want that is in a TRILLION DOLLAR health and wellness industry. Back that up with the Industry numbers and the fact that It Works! Global has reached less the 1% of the market in the US and it is a global company. Put it all together and you have found the The Right Industry, with The Right Company, with The Right Product…you have the Perfect Storm with It Works! Global to create the most Millionaires in the history of the industry!!!That is why I joined It Works! Global and I am willing to help anyone that is willing to put in the work to become a Millionaire with me!!



1898067_555495914547983_2074297404_n 1185954_499920910109079_1643359336_n10149313_10151919259606673_1044082709_n1011793_10151818561996673_1200344616_n

Are you RICH yet?

What are YOU telling yourself?

“Am I rich yet?I bought my business builder kit & I posted once on fb that I tried a skinny wrap. Am I rich yet?I don’t want to post too much in case I annoy my friends.I don’t want to set up that fan page thing you said to do because my friends might laugh at me. Am I rich yet?I can’t post on fb or attend any meetings on Friday or Saturday because I’m too busy partying with my friends.Sunday’s out because I’m catching up on my sleep. Wake me if I get rich, though, would ya?I scheduled my launch party but I knew none of my friends would come so I cancelled it. Am I rich yet?I haven’t watched the training videos because I can’t find my ID # and password. That’s where I can see my earnings? Oh, found it! Hey! Why am I not rich yet?I can’t listen to the call tonight because I’m about to beat another level in Candy Crush Saga! I’m an expert at this game. I play it all the time. Am I rich yet?I can’t make it to the training because I have no gas for my car. Sell a wrap you say? I’ve already asked all my friends, well 2 of them, they said no. All my other friends will pry say no, too. Am I rich yet?I don’t want to buy any blitz cards until I’m making some money. I think a new business should pay for itself. I’m not going to invest in it until I know it’s going to work. Am I rich yet?I tried one wrap but it didn’t work so I can’t sell this to my friends. No, I didn’t take a picture or measure but I know it didn’t work. I drank a ton of water. How much exactly? Well, I don’t like water so I drank soda. That counts, right? And, that soda was in my cocktail but the ice counts as water for sure, right?I can’t chat anymore right now, I just started reading Shades of Grey. Let me know if I get rich, k?”

It Works is not a “get rich quick scheme”…it is a “stick with it, do whatever it takes that is legal, moral and ethical to promote your business” scheme…it is not a given, you are not going to wake up tomorrow and Santa made you a Diamond. It is going to take your hard work and effort. BUT, IF you do your training, connect with committed leaders that care about you and your success, go to events to learn more info that you can incorporate into your business, commit to your own success with no doubt that you CAN, then this business WILL work for you. It is the PERFECT STORM. Make money while changing other people’s lives and making a difference in the world. Life changing, real money making business with a Christian company that truly cares about you and is doing whatever they can to help you. Leaders that pray for you. That is what you have your hands on with It Works.  Are you ready to get started? Define what “rich” means to you…then get ready to make it happen!


Susie Reel

Presidential Diamond It Works Global

10013412_10151902573461673_1825441689_o 1898067_555495914547983_2074297404_n inspiration2 inspiration


It Works Spanish Info

¿El Ultimate Body Applicator funciona en la celulitis?
Sí, los principios activos naturales en el Ultimate Body Applicator, Chin & Neck Applicator y Defining Gel probadamente ayudan a reducir el aspecto de la celulitis, en especial con el uso continuado.
¿Los resultados son duraderos?
El Ultimate Body Applicator ayuda a desintoxicar, contraer, tonificar y reafirmar de una forma que produce resultados duraderos. Como ocurre con cualquier producto para pérdida de peso o modelación corporal, usted puede revertir los resultados visibles producidos por el Ultimate Body Applicator con malos hábitos de alimentación o falta de ejercicio.
¿Qué sentiré cuando use el Applicator?
Mientras usa el Ultimate Body Applicator, usted experimentará una leve sensación calmante, fresca y de cosquilleo que hace saber instantáneamente que el Applicator está funcionando.
¿Con qué frecuencia puedo usar el Ultimate Body Applicator?
Los Applicators pueden aplicarse una vez cada 72 horas. Los ingredientes siguen trabajando durante 72 horas después que usted usó el Applicator, así que usted puede continuar viendo resultados progresivos durante este período de tiempo. Cada Applicator se usa sólo una vez. Deseche después del uso.
¿Cuánto tiempo debo usar cada Applicator?
Cada Ultimate Body Applicator debe usarse por lo menos durante 45 minutos. Dado que el Ultimate Body Applicator es un producto seguro y de base natural, se puede usar seguramente por más de 45 minutos si se desea. En realidad, hemos hallado que una de las maneras más fáciles de usar el Applicator es dejarlo puesto toda la noche mientras duerme. Si es la primera vez que usa el Ultimate Body Applicator, recomendamos que solamente se lo deje en la piel durante 45 minutos para probar la sensibilidad de su piel a los principios activos naturales con propie- dades desintoxicantes.
Ingredientes de la crema: Agua, Glucosa, triglicérido cáprico/ caprílico, Glicerina, alcohol desnaturalizado, ácido estéarico, alcohol estearílico, Ceteareth 12, extracto de castaño de indias (Aesculus hippocastanum), urea, extracto de hidrocotilo (Centella asiática), extracto de té verde (Camellia sinensis), extracto de alga negra (Fucus vesiculosus), extracto de hiedra (Hedera helix), extracto de belcho (Equisetum arvense), extracto de arrayán (Ruscus aculeatus), extracto de guaraná (Paullinia cupana), aceite de jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis), oleato de decilo, silicato de aluminio y magnesio, estearato de glicerilo, PEG 7 cocoato de glicerilo, tocoferol (acetato de tocoferilo), hidroyoduro de TEA, manuronato de metilsilanol, mentol , alcanfor, pantenol, fenoxi- etanol, palmitato de retinilo, trietanolamina, carbomer, aceite de romero (Rosmarinus officinalis), aceite de eucalipto (Eucalyptus globulus), caprililglicol, ácido sórbico, BHT.

Gluten Free It Works Products!


Gluten Free Product Line

Did you know that all It Works Products are Gluten Free with the exception of Fat Fighters and Wow?

If you’ve decided to eat a gluten free diet either because you must or you just want to, you’re probably looking to stay away from gluten in all other aspects too. Gluten is found in so many places besides just the foods we eat. It can be found in many supplements, protein powders, cosmetics and facial products. It Works has gone and made it easier for YOU to go gluten free and still get the products you need!

There are so many great gluten free products for you to choose from you’ll find all but two of the It Works products ARE gluten FREE! Our Greens are now Gluten and Soy FREE!!! GREAT NEWS!! It’s Essential bars are gluten free, but are manufactured in a facility that uses peanuts, milk, tree nuts, wheat, and egg.

The other exception is Fat Fighters and Wow. These do contain gluten so if you are trying to go completely gluten free including all lotions, shampoos etc you’ll want to stay away from the Fat Fighters and Wow.  No worries though…the It Works Body Wrap does NOT contain gluten and you can wrap until your hearts content!

Your gluten free diet shouldn’t stop at just food!  Check Out Our amazing Gluten Free Products!

It Works Nutrition Line

Body Contouring

Weight Loss

Skin Care


BREAK the Generational Curse!

They talk about generational curses. That just because your parents or grandparents were negative, alcoholics, whatever that you have that “gene”. Well you also have a choice! Deactivate that “gene” and start fresh! How about you be the beginning of your families generational blessing? Deuteronomy 30:19 says “I set before you life and death. Blessings and curses. Choose LIFE, so that you and your descendants shall live. Your decisions don’t just effect you, they effect generations to come. You have a choice. Every right choice you make overcomes the bad choices of the past. You are created in the image of the Almighty God. Make choices that help your family, not hinder them. You have the power to break those negative cycles. God has called you for greatness! Don’t use the way you were raised as a reason to stay where you are. You do not have to be held bondage by the negative things in your past. This is a new day! Press forward and all the forces of darkness cannot hold you back. You are a child of God! Shake off the self pity and blame. All the issues that are holding you back can also be your reasons to press forward and change your life and the lives of countless generations to come! Just because your dealing with a tough issue doesn’t make you a bad person. Don’t ignore it. There are some issues you can’t overcome on your own. The Power in you is greater than any power that’s coming against you! Your created to be totally FREE. Choose Life choose Honor, choose Respect
and pass THAT down to future generations! Many thanks to Joel Osteen for amazing inspiration this morning. 


College Debt or Debt FREE!!!

When people start into college for a specific profession, does that profession start paying them the moment they begin their studies, or do they have to pay for their 2-4 years of college education in hopes that they are chosen by someone in their intended field? I see so many people that are in college debt but not working in the field they went for. Is there anyone lucky enough to have a profession that is willing to pay them to go through college? In the long term you still have to complete all the courses before you really start getting paid, right? What if we applied this to It Works. When you start your business with It Works you immediately start making money when you start wrapping people. You are being paid as you progress in your “studies”. Then as you build your business you also are getting monthly commission and weekly bonuses. We also have training for you, but you learn something new all the time and the more you learn and put into play the more you make. Which is why we recommend that you make every effort you can to read and better yourself mentally and get to one of the many meetings held all across the world. We give you a pattern to follow. Our Steps to Success. Using it over and over you can become debt free and have the ability to help others and change your families financial future. We already have a proven track record. What if it took you a year to reach the level of Diamond and made an average of an extra $1910 per month? What if it took you two years to reach the level of Double Diamond making an average of an extra $6000 per month? Or three years to reach the level of Triple Diamond making and average of over $10, 000 per month? OR four years to become a Presidential Diamond making an average of over $16,000 per month? With It Works and Fun Wrap Parties there are people doing this in a LOT less time than that! You will average 2-4 years of college before you even start getting paid. With It Works you can get paid from Day One. I have nothing against a good college education! We all need the sharpest skills possible. BUT, what if you were able to pay cash for college and leave debt free, while building your It Works business?



Ideas for Marketing your Business!

Do you need some more ideas for marketing?


I have compiled some ideas and things that if you do them, will work. I also found a ton of ideas on this website I found. Take these ideas, make them your own and run with them. Some may work for your biz and some may not but they are all great ideas! I also highly recommend social networking. This is huge because it opens up a whole world of people and not just in your town. I would love to help you Start your Wrap Business!

Happy Marketing!


Offline Ideas:

1. Create an Internship program to help you market – Post job ads on college websites

2. Write a book – Post on – Make it available in Kindle as well

3. Become a Speaker

4. Wear a nametag

5. Wear a t-shirt with your logo

6. Place magnet signs on your car

7. Create bumper stickers

8. Hold a FREE seminar/workshop

9. Mention your website url in your voicemail message

10. Mention current offers in your voicemail message

11. Personalize your phone number ex. 404-555-Cash

12. Get a Toll Free Number

13. Place an “Accepting New Customers” sign in your window

14. Host a blood drive & contact the media

15. Be a drop off location for a charity

16. Create a contest

17. Offer to be a MC or Judge at an event

18. Pitch customers or companies to buy in bulk citing IRS Pub 463/ch3.

19. Create a product/service CD & give it out or

20. Develop & deliver your 30 second elevator pitch at all times.

21. Schedule a discount flash mob event at your store or on your site

22. Attend trade shows & conferences and pass out business cards and coupons

23. Create a publicity stunt

24. Barter your services and promote it

25. Text your customers

26. Perform acts of kindness

25. Update your business cards –

26. Add coupon or discount code to the back of your business cards

27. Offer a Free Trial

28. Add coupon or discount code to invoices & business stationary

29. Hold a “Free Friday” weekly giveaway

30. Call past customers and clients to inform them of current promotions

31. Create a customer loyalty program

32. Create a customer referral program

33. Phone – Create an on- hold mini-sales presentation for customers you put on hold

34. Increase your prices & add more value

35. Put your logo & website address on everything

36. Study your competition’s success & do what they’re doing only better

37. Ask for the business and ask customers to join your email list

38. Join the local press club, chamber, etc…

39. Volunteer at schools, non-profits, government offices, anywhere really…

40. Create bookmarks and have schools, libraries or bookstores give them away.

41. Ask past customers for testimonials

42. Provide a giveaway for a charity auction

43. Become a article contributor for a magazine or newspaper

44. Create a theme or gimmick and live it – Ex. Say your name is Tom Sheff and you are a chef. Take pictures of yourself “at work” wearing a Chef’s hat or do all of your video tutorials in a chef’s outfit, etc….

44. Hire Vincent Cameron


Interact With & Respond to Media Queries:







Write & Post Press Releases: (make sure it is newsworthy)







Engage on Social Media:

55. Join

56. Create a Facebook business page

57. Use ,, or to customize your FB business page.

58. Place a FB Like on your website

59. Advertise events on Facebook

60. Have a Q&A chat with customers on Facebook

61. Join

62. Join

63. Join

64. Join LinkedIn Groups & post discussions

65. Advertise events on LinkedIn

66. Use to post simultaneously on FB, Twitter, & LI

67. Use to create an online newspaper of your FB & Twitter post



68. Create a blog on – or any other site

69. Ask to be a contributing author on someone else’s blog.

70. Find a blogger in your niche and offer discounts & freebies to their followers

71. Comment on other bloggers articles leaving your url in the signature

72. Syndicate your articles –

73. Ask bloggers to review and write a feature article about your product or service

74. List your blog on

75. Submit your blog to


Online Ideas:

73. Get a Free Flash site at

74. Update your website frequently and notify customers of updates

75. Make a QR code and place on all of your promotional materials

76. Add your company to online directories such as,,,, Google Places, etc..

77. Add a calendar widget to your website so it doesn’t look like a ghost town –

78. Start a radio show on

79. Create an email newsletter with –send up to 12,000 free emails per month

80. Create a Sales Team by starting an Affiliate Program –

81. Create a offer – You pay on the backend when purchases are made

82. Create a offer

83. Sell on

85. Use the Merchant Platform

86. Create a podcast and post it on Itunes and your website

87. Add a media kit to your website

88. Create a group on

89. Create groups or communities on your website –,

90. Create Google alerts so you can respond quickly to current events effecting your niche

91. Make meeting scheduling convenient – Add to your website

92. Create custom email signatures with all info, urls, & discount codes –

93. Visit to identify new problems that your business can solve

94. Post event photos on your website, & then promote new uploads

95. Make How To Videos

96. Post videos on,,

97. Host a live stream event using

98. Schedule a Free Webinar using

99. Schedule a Free Teleseminar using

100. Market your Webinars/Teleseminars on

101. Create a survey with

102. Send them to your website!

103. Place ads on…do not sell only advertise

104. Place ads on

105. Become an expert on

106. Create a lens

107. Post events on

108. Create JV partnerships with complementary businesses

109. Add a coupon code to

110. Create printable and online coupons at

111. Use to get funding for your business idea

112. Find Angel Investors on

113. Profile your company in

114. Connect instantly with website visitors by adding Live chat to your site

115. Use keywords in your website posting titles and in the 1st paragraph of your blog posts

116. Request a link exchange with other business professionals

117. Create a mobile app at


My number is 615-414-0298 if you want to find out more about It Works Global!!!


It Works Body Wraps in Nashville, TN

HI! I’m Susie Reel! I live right here in Music City USA and sell those amazing skinny wraps…give me a call and I can help you…

*Squeeze into your favorite skinny jeans

*Wear a special outfit that’s gotten too tight

*Reduce the appearance of cellulite before heading to the beach

*Look slim and fabulous for a reunion or wedding

*Tone, tighten and reduce sagging skin

*Maintain a firm and shapely figure while dieting

*Quickly lose a few from your thighs, tummy and buttocks

*Pamper yourself with a luxurious spa treatment

Imagine how fantastic you’ll look and feel with fast results of tightening, toning and firming of your waist, hips, thighs and buttocks…even helps with old scars!


(615) 414-0298 or

wrap-flyer wrap-on Before-After-Photo8 Before-After-Photo9