Monday’s tip of the day

It’s just like riding a bike! First you start off with training wheels. Then the day comes where you want them off. You practice, fall, skin your knees, but your young and fearless so you keep getting back on and trying again! Finally, you do it! You take off riding! Next thing you know your riding no handed and pooping wheelies! That’s exactly what owning your own IT WORKS business is like! And just like learning to ride that bike everyone has a different story on who taught them, how long it took, and just how good they got with practice!

When we are young we are fearless! We don’t quite realize that there is such thing as failure! So we keep getting back up. We aren’t thinking about how silly we look or if anyone is watching! We just know what our end goal is and we don’t stop until we get there! So what happens? Why can’t we just jump right in to our business and not be scared? Why can’t we see the end result we seek and make it happen? After all, or entire child hood was one failure after another until we reached success! From crawling to walking, from reading to writing, even to learning tio drive a car! They say that 95% of becoming successful is mental! I’d say if we analyze our life that’s 100% true!

So now we need to get our minds right! Get back to knowing we will succeed and accepting we will fail many times before doing so. The first time I got the nerve up to BLITZ I was terrible! I fumbled my words and honestly I was so nervous I couldn’t remember what I said! The second time was even worse because now I was scared I was going to flop like I did the first time…..but I did it any way! The third time I was getting super excited about all I was learning and I literally vomited information all over the person…in fact I vomited over my next 100 blitzes! Finally, after attending some trainings and learning from my peers the correct way to blitz, I began to get better! I was booking more appointments and parties and more people looked excited with me instead of like they couldn’t wait for me to shut up. Soon, over four years, I have the perfect way I like to blitz!

I remember my first training! It was in a very small salon and there were 8 people! Now those that knew me before the business were very aware of the fact that one of my biggest fears on the planet was speaking in front of others! It was so bad that this fear was debilitating and held me back from experiencing many things in my life. I use to actually skip school if I knew I was going to have to read our present something in class. I refused to join any kind of clubs in fear we would have to stand up and do that silly bit where you would have to introduce yourself to the group. This carried on into adult hood and was actually why I almost did not sign up to become a distributor with it Works. I was told that we were not a party plan and I only had to stand in front of people if I chose…lol! So when we began growing the people under me wanted a training! Now mind you 3 of the 8 people at that first training were Barry, myself, and Angie so only 5 were people I didn’t know well. Boy did I think I was going to die! I felt like I was going to get sick and had an anxiety attack. I was sweating and I honestly couldn’t tell you what came out of my mouth….but I did it! The second time there was about 15 people…and let me tell you it was no better! I would grab Angie’s hand and put it on my heart so she could feel how it was about to explode! Time after time bigger and bigger the number of people got and to my surprise it started getting easier! In fact some say I have a natural gift! Never would have known if I wouldn’t have pushed myself!

I could go on and on! How my first year my parties lasted three hours and people were drooling and falling asleep and how no one was signing! Or how my voice would shake so bad on a conference call and I said “ummm” FIVE THOUSAND times! The point is once again it’s all a mind set! You fail and fail until you get it right but if you do it enough times you WILL GET it RIGHT! See I knew this was my last shot to change our situation! I knew that it had to work. I was willing to fail, look silly, and try try again! I saw the end really in my head and knew that it would happen! No matter how long it took, how many mistakes I had to make, eventually I would get there! My mind was right!

So it comes down to you and you only! Your the same person that learned to crawl and walk on your own and that same person that learned to ride a bike and read! That person is still in there! So get your mind right…failure in the end is not an option!!!


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Sunday Tip of the Day

Sunday Tip of the Day by Ambassador Diamond, Kim Touchton.
“The key to Instagram, like most everything else we do as distributors, is using the PULL instead of the PUSH. On our team we call it “living the blitz” (thanks Lori Conway and Q!), where we simply incorporate how It Works! is changing our lives through our daily posts and pictures. It’s all about allowing potentials to see that you’re a real person like them, not just a salesperson. With that in mind, we do not solely post wrap-related or opportunity-related pictures on our IG feeds. That will quickly get you unfollowed or blocked and lead to a lot of wasted time and frustration. Instead, we focus on showing people who we are, our interests, our families, our humor, our faith… and then scatter in before and after photos with captions about how excited we for the person who wrapped. Then we throw in an opportunity post/picture, but using a personal photo instead of a “join my team” graphic (stay away from those!). Example: a picture of my son and I, with a caption about how thankful I am to have found a way to work from home and still make the money our family needs. THAT type of pull post will get you lots of questions, because there are so many moms out there that would like to stay home as well. Contrary to what many think, it’s not about the sheer number of followers you have on Instagram either; it’s about having the right people follow you. The way we accomplish this is through searching hashtags – you can do this either focused on an area, like your city/state, or you can search by interest/hobby. Since I’m not originally from the area we live in now, I search local hashtags for places moms frequent. Once I find people who have posted pictures at these hashtagged places, I follow them. For interests/hobbies, you can search hashtags for pretty much anything that interests you, so get creative and think outside the box! When these people come to your Instagram profile to see who you are, they will see someone like them, who is interested in the same things they are, which creates an instant connection and a level of trust. A small number will follow you back, and they will see you living the blitz through your photos and captions, and eventually ask you to tell them more about that crazy wrap thing!! Instagram can take time and patience to get it right, but it is worth it. It is one of the biggest reasons I was able to promote to Ambassador last month. Focus on showing people who you are so they can relate to you, be excited and passionate about our products and opportunity, and IG can change your business like it did mine!”



Saturday TIP OF THE DAY!

If someone says to you “I don’t think I can do that business because I don’t like sales” you tell them “that’s GREAT you will love this business”! Because since we have such amazing products all you have to do is use word of mouth and SHARE this amazing product. IF someone says “I think I would do good at that business because I love sales” then you say “that’s GREAT you will love this business”! Because since we have such amazing products all you have to do is use word of mouth and SHARE this amazing product! You see the pattern here? REPEAT AFTER ME! No matter what..”that’s GREAT you will love this business”! Try it and report back here what happens!


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Friday’s tip of the day!

Thanks to Lisa Kaye Fuller Ambassador Diamond-
“Seek and you shall find! Being intentional will take you places you have never dreamed and take you to people that will change you life!

I did an experiment last month. For two weeks. I didn’t wear It Works clothing, wear green black and bling, and didn’t hand out a blitz card. Guess what happened? NOTHING! I didn’t add any new customers or distributors, I didn’t book any parties, and not one person asked me what I did!

Then for two weeks I wore the it Works attire, paraded my black green and bling, and handed out ten blitz cards or more every single day! Guess what happened? I signed up customers and distributors, booked parties, and people asked me what it was I did! I was intentional and my business grew!

So what is the difference between you, me, or Kami Dempsey?? Nothing! We are all in level playing field each day when we wake up I’m the morning. Kami doesn’t have a sign on her forehead that says “Hey, sign with me…I’m the companies top money earner!”….I don’t have magic telepathy that tells people I am an ambassador DIAMOND! When you walk out of your house each day no one you approach knows if its your very first day and your not making money yet or if it’s your eighth year and your a millionaire!

So what do we have that others don’t? We have the same blitz card, the same shirt, the same party pad, the same everything! So why are we at where we are at and your at where you are at? WE WRAPPED MORE PEOPLE, WE BLITZED MORE PEOPLE, WE HAD MORE PARTIES, WE GOT ON MORE PHONE CALLS AND WENT TO MORE TRAININGS! We BELIEVE in what we are doing and our excitement is contagious!

Now I realize when you are not There yet or making money your probably thinking “well it’s easy for them to say…they are already rich I’d be excited too!” But WE didn’t start that way. We started as distributors then worked our way up the ranks! Several hours of blitzing, wrapping, and repeating to get here! WE WERE WILLING TO DO WHAT OTHERS WON’T TO BE WHERE OTHERS NEVER WILL! Are you there yet?

Bottom line is you have to be consistent and want it more then any of your fears holding you back. Borrow my confidence, borrow Kamis confidence, or anyone you admire in this company! Every single day when you wake up I want you too look I’m the mirror and say I Am successful already…I am Black diamond! Remember no one knows when you walk up and hand them a coupon what rank you are or the money you make so pretend you are someone very successful in It Works! Ask yourself, what would they do? How would they feel? How excited would you be to share this amazing opportunity???

It’s all a mindset! I started where you are but I had to believe that it could happen and would happen before it actually did! So what’s your choice? Do you now believe me when I tell you that it’s your choice to succeed? It’s all a mindset baby…so get your mind right! What you believe and dream will happen…it’s all up to you!! Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend and get that mind right!!”

Wednesday’s tip of the day!

Top 12 things you should do every single day to be successful!

1) count your blessings! Be thankful for all the amazing things in your life and your business!

2) post on Facebook 3 times a day about your business! Make sure you always stay positive!!! Don’t just post about joining your team! Make posts that share how you are using the products you are sharing!!

3) TOUCH base with atleast two people from your 100’s list that you have not yet approached about the products or business and text or message them “have you tried that crazy wrap thing?”

4) Reconnect with two people from your 100’s list that you have not seen or heard from. Do some research! Try to find them on Facebook or contact someone who may have their number. Simply message them if by phone or send them a friend request on Facebook along with a message that says “Hey how are you? It’s been so long! You popped in my head the other day so I thought I’d look you up to see how you are doing!” Begin the process of reconnecting!! You never know where it will lead when the time is right!

5) Blitz 10 people! This business is a numbers game! You cannot grow if you are not getting new contacts…period! Some of you may be thinking “10 people? But I work all day…I don’t even see that many people!” To that my response would be make yourself! I can go to the grocery store and blitz 10 people! The two ladies behind the deli that get my lunch meet, the two men that get me my baked goods behind the bakery counter, a random person or two shopping, the lady that cashes me out and the three people in line behind me, and the person bagging my groceries! If you pay attention and take advantage of your surroundings you can make it happen! This is a business and if you want to make what only 1% of the American population makes you have to be willing to do what others won’t to get what others will never have.

6) connect with your team! Whether you have one or members you need to set time aside every day to check in on them! The biggest part of keeping people in your business is building relationships…so make it a point to connect!

7) contact leads! In our business you should have leads to contact on a daily basis! Information you got from blitzing the day before or an expo or event you did that weekend. This is a HUGE part of growing!

8) check out your esuite. See if anyone new has signed that you need to welcome. Check out if anything new Is happening! Play around and get familiar with it!

9) reflect! At the end of every day reflect on where you can improve, what you need to do more of our less of, and how you can do things better for tomorrow!

10) make your six list for the next day! Write down the six things that you plan on doing to build your business! The next day you will cross the tasks off your list as you do them!

11) look for events and expos in your area area. Book parties…do something active that will build your business in the future!

12) self develop! Take atleast one hour (power hour) where you develop your skills as a leader, learn more about your business, and learn new things to keep yourself motivated! Reading our listening to an audio book is an amazing way to do this!

So there you have it! If you don’t do all of these everyday that’s okay! Just use it as a basis or guideline! If you fall off the horse, no worries, that happens to the best of us! It’s the fact of hopping right back on the horse again that very next day that counts in the end!!




Tuesday’s tip of the day!

This tip was inspired by Maribeth Dodd and Pam Sowder Chief Networking Officer for It Works! Take the option of quitting off the table!

We all get to spots in our businesses where we wonder “Will I ever promote again?” Or “How many people are going to quit on me before I just throw in the towel?” Or “everyone is passing me maybe I’m just not good at this!” Negative self talk like this just brings us further down! Comparing ourselves to other people can be a never ending cycle! It’s a sure fire way to self destruct!

So what’s the magic answer? How can we stop doing this? TAKE QUITTING OFF THE TABLE! What do I mean by that? Maribeth said it best….We put time limits on our success. When will we promote? How many dts will I sign up this month? But if we don’t hit those goals what is the consequence? So your telling me if you sit at diamond for X amount of time that at some point if you do not promote you will quit? If my team falls apart and I have to build again I will quit?

Ask yourself….can I imagine NOT doing this business any more? I for one have had a taste of the good life! No boss, making my own schedule, no alarm clock, the feeling of helping others, that feeling of seeing a team member reach one of their goals, the feeling of being a leader! My actual paycheck pales in comparison to all of that! Even if every person under me quit I would never quit! I built it once I can build it again! The option of quitting is completely off the table for me!

So now that you have personally decided that quitting IS NOT AN OPTION….WHAT NOW? NOW anything is possible! Whether you hit that deadline you set for a promo or your entire team falls apart you are gonna keep going! You did it once you can do it again…and again…and again if you have to!

Stop looking at where you want to be in a year and start asking where do you want to be in 10!! We always over estimate what we can do in one year but underestimate what we can do in ten years! Be a lifer! Know that no matter what happens this is your path!

At the end of the day 90% of your success will depend on your belief and knowing you will never give up! Change your mindset change your business! So where are you going to be in ten years?


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Dust Yourself Off

People come into your life for a reason and for a season. Are you still friends with your childhood pals? With your high school best buddies that you swore you would be friends with forever? With that friend you had when your children were young? If so then congratulations. That does not happen often. For some reason and a lot of times you don’t understand why you outgrow each other. you go in different directions completely. It is very sad but it is part of life.  That is no different with your networking business. People will come into your life for a “reason and for a season”. They come to challenge, you, to lift you to a higher place, to teach you a lesson. It is amazing when they stay and you can be best friends and business partners forever! But you cannot get hung up when they don’t. They are brought into your life to help you grow and learn an important lesson. You may never know what that is, you may be blessed to know exactly what it is. But you can’t hang on. You have to MOVE on and keep growing and stretching and building your team. There are too many people out there that need what you have to offer, and it is your job to find them. If you get your feelings hurt every time someone makes a decision to go in a different direction it can block the blessings God  has in store for you!!!  So get out there and dust yourself off, and try, try again!!! The world really IS your oyster…get out there and shuck it!




Three C’s of Success

Happy Monday! When talking to my team today I was going over some ideas and getting feedback and it brought to mind there are really Three Keys to your success in life and in business. If you follow them you will be successful in anything you put your mind to. They are:

Be Committed to your WHY-and I don’t mean you need to “be committed” LOL. I mean you have to figure out the “Why that makes you cry”. The thing that makes you get up everyday. It could be your children, your family, your health, your dream! Whatever means the most to you. The thing that you want SO BAD that you will never give up trying to reach your goals.

Be Consistent with your efforts-do something EVERY DAY that will get your further along in the process of success…every day that you skip makes it easier and easier to give up. Are you a quitter? NO!

Be Confident in your ability-have you ever heard the saying “fake it til you make it”? Have a talk with yourself. How BAD do you want it? Do you believe in what your doing? Do you know that you know that you KNOW it is what will help you achieve your WHY? Then walk in FAITH and go out there and make your dreams happen! You gotta dream SO BIG that it will only happen because God stepped in and moved on your behalf! He is devoted to your Success! AND HE will help you if you just BELIEVE and get out there and do the work! SO you can walk in Faith and in CONFIDENCE! People will be attracted to you!







Nothing happens until you speak. Declare it everyday! Activate your faith. God is shifting things in your favor. Are you giving life to your faith by speaking it out? Psalm 91 says “I will SAY of the Lord He is my refuge. HE WILL deliver me, protect me”. When you speak it out He will make it happen. Talk like it is already happening! I Will pay off my house, I Will lose this weight, I Will see my family restored. Whatever God’s put in your heart needs to get in your conversation. Talk like it’s already on the way. “When I get married, when I graduate from college, when I see my family restored” not IF it’s going to happen but WHEN it is going to happen. You gotta SAY SO! Believe and Declare! Lord thank you for making a way when we don’t see a way. If He be for us who can be against us? Don’t talk about how big your problem is. Talk about how BIG your God is! Speak Victory over your life! What are you saying to yourself? Is it time for a check up from the neck up? Nothing happens until you speak! Declare favor over your life! If you will change what your saying you will change what your seeing. Romans 4:17 call the things that are not as if they already were. Don’t use your words to describe the situation. Use your words to CHANGE the situation. You CAN prophesy your life! Instead of living guilty, condemned, focused on past mistakes, Declare I am forgiven! I am redeemed! God is pleased with me. The Scriptures say “let the weak SAY I am strong”! It doesn’t say let the weak talk about the weakness, discuss the weakness, call 5 friends and explain the weakness…you cannot talk defeat and expect victory! You cannot talk sickness and expect health. You cannot talk lack and struggle and expect abundance! You have to send your words out in the direction you want your life to go! Proverbs 6 says “we are snared by the words of our mouth”.  Stop speaking negatively. Speak life!


Can you earn a real income with It Works?

Compensation Simplified:

Of course you can, and fast! It Works Global has an incredible compensation plan and will reward you very well for your efforts! Most companies hide behind empty promises and hyped up claims. We post real results, and we are incredibly proud of them.


RESIDUAL: this is what we call ‘beach money‘. this is the percentage of your group’s orders you get every month! e.g. you sponsor Mary, who orders $200 in product, she has 5 customers who order $100 in product. You earn 15% of all Mary’s orders, plus 10% of her customers = $80 every month they order!*

PARTIES/SELLING RETAIL: Order product at wholesale pricing and choose how much money YOU want to make by reselling these products at retail pricing.

FAST START BONUSES: For each qualified distributor that you enroll, who gets two loyal customers in their first 30 days, earns you a fast start bonus of $100 CASH. (Example: enroll 5 qualified distributors who each get 2 loyal customers in 30 days, you pocked $500!) *fast starts are paid out weekly, on Fridays

CAR BONUS: a $600 car bonus! This is a $600 bonus awarded to any distributor who gets 60 customers and has at least $3,000 in personal sales volume. What kind of car will you get?!

GENERATIONAL BONUSES: raising leaders is the name of the game. Earn up to a 9% bonus on your personally enrolled leaders! e.g. you sponsor Mary, she builds a group with 30k in volume, you get a $2,700 bonus every month!*

Diamond Level Leadership BONUSES: bonus, bonus, bonus! Diamonds receive $80 CAB bonus and you can earn up to $150 as an Ambassador for every new person who joins your team! e.g. As an Ambassador Diamond, you sponsor Mary who sponsors Gary, who in turn sponsors Larry, who sponsors Carry. Because of your leader status, you earn $600 (4 X $150) *Generational Bonuses and CAB are both paid out monthly, along with your commission.

IS there money in this Crazy Wrap Business? Let’s just be completely honest here. the answer is YES YES YES! Contact me to get started TODAY!

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