Is it “Worth It”?

The old saying is “Anything worth doing is worth doing well”. I say anything worth doing is worth putting your heart and soul into and doing whatever it takes to make it happen, and never letting negative people and situations stop you from your intended destination. If you know where your going then the major part of the battle is won. THEN all you have to do is figure out how to get there! One foot in front of the other…sometimes you feel like your being pushed backwards by all sides, but that is just the devil trying to stop your progress because he knows what an amazing force for good you will be in the world.

You have to BELIEVE in yourself and get to work! YOU GOT THIS!



Start Your Wrap Business!

To start your own wrap business, the first step is to ——> JOIN THE PARTY! <—— (click on link) This is your initial sign up as an It Works! Distributor. It is $99 for your sign up kit and that includes your first box of wraps, 4 mini defining gel samples, Fab Wrap and a host of marketing materials. Once you turn around and sell those for $25 each (sooo easy), you have immediately made your money back so there is ultimately no risk (or you can presell those 4 wraps that come with the kit and get started for FREE)!

You also have the option at sign up to Boost or Mini Boost. This is a way to get product at almost 50% off to get you off to a great start with cash in your pocket! The Boost includes 4 boxes of wraps (4 wraps per box), 1 box of facial wraps (4 wraps per box), our contouring Defining Gel (bottle of the gel inside the wrap, but it is diluted so you can use it twice a day to tighten tone and firm just like the wraps), Greens on the Go(8 servings of fruits and veggies in an Orange or Berry flavored powder for your water), Lifting Lip and Eye (Botox in a bottle!!) & Fat Fighters (cheat pill that absorbs up to 28% of fat and 78% of carbs from a meal!!). This package costs $349 and has OVER $500 worth of cash value once you sell the wraps, not to mention the commission you will be gaining on your check from the customers and distributors you gather along the way.
The other is the Mini Boost. This includes 2 boxes of wraps, 1 box of facials, Defining Gel, Fat Fighters and Greens. This package is $149 and is ONLY available at sign up. This has a $300 cash value!! I highly advise doing one of these. You will have people ready to wrap as soon as you start telling people about it!

The next step is to find 4 people to sign up as Loyal Customers within your first 30 calendar days. A loyal customer is somebody who gets great discounts (wholesale pricing) by purchasing one item (no minimum value) once a month for three months. (You will make commission off of your loyal customers). Every 2 LC’s (loyal customers) you get for your entire life with the company, they will give you a box of wraps for $25 (That’s $75 profit) instead of paying the regular $59 per box. So you will have 2 of those boxes to redeem for $25 each if you wish to! That’s $150 profit!! So you are already off to a great start!

Once you find your 4, you need to find 3 people (family, friends, strangers, anyone) who want to start their own wrap business too, and you will help them to get their first 4 LC’s too. When they find their first two loyal customers (within the first 30 days) you get a $100 Fast Start Bonus!

We are not a party company, but we will have house parties for any friends that want to host one. Online parties are also a great option. That is a great way to let your friends know you have started your new business!

As a distributor, you are not committing to anything. The ONLY requirement we have to receive our commission check is to process an $80 autoship for ourselves (This is the equivalent of a box of wraps and a small tub of Greens or a Skinny Pack). You can use these products on yourself or get wraps and sell them! If you do not run your $80 autoship, you are not kicked out, you are just disqualified from your commissions. You can also be commission qualified with 150 in business volume from your personal purchases and personal loyal customers orders. You will have your first auto ship set up to run by your 30th day after joining which will qualify you for commissions and all future bonuses!!

This business has been a huge blessing to me! I am able to work from home and we have earned $90,000 in GOOD bonuses! I really hope you decide to join our team. We are the #crazywrapcrew and I do as much as I can to support my team and answer as many questions as I need to! This business is my life so I am here to help!!

In conclusion you make money THREE ways with It Works. Daily Wrap Cash, Commission from your clients, and Bonuses as you grow your team! 😁💚 So many of my team is RUNNING FOR THEIR DREAMS 💃🏻!!! 💃🏻💃🏻 Wanna join the FUN?

You could earn bonuses of anywhere from $5000 to $150,000!!!!


Let me know if you have any questions!

Susie Reel

Presidential Diamond and Top 1% Earner


2017 Bonuses!

Susie & Jeff Reel




Blitz tip of the day!

Just wanted to throw out some random ways to market and grow your business! Ask to set up a booth in your local salons it gyms! You would be surprised how many people will have no issues with you doing it. I have some team members that actually set up once a week in a salon or gym. Many times they will end up signing the owner after he or she sees how easy and how much interest people had in It Works!Don’t just BLITZ salons and gyms blitz everyone! I like to pick a plaza anywhere! It could have anything from a Verizon to a bakery to department stores! I will get my blitz cards together and then go into each business and say “Hi, my name is Susie Reel and I just opened a new business in the area and I wanted to drop in and introduce myself and also leave some coupons for all the employees! How many do you have?” This will often start conversation and lead to me wrapping people our booking appointments! It’s also not considered loitering because I’m not selling anything I’m actually giving free coupons out! Another way of wording it would be “Hi, my name is Lisa and I am just dropping in to give you and all your employees some coupons! It is customer appreciation day for my business…how many would you like?” Both of these ways work amazingly!Ask friends and family for a favor! See if they will have a catalog party for you! Have them take customer order forms and brochures into work with them and if they get you 3 orders they get to pick a free wrap or product! You can also do this for your hostess before her party. There are people that may not be able to come to the actual party but may be interested in ordering so be sure to hook them up before hand and challenge them to get some orders for a free gift or product! This also works with the actual guests that attend the party. Another way to reach more people when you do parties is When you conclude the party, give everyone 5 blitz cards and have them write their name some where on them. Tell them to give the BLITZ cards out to their friends and family and when you get all five returned back to you they get a free wrap! Join your local chamber! Every single are had a chamber of commerce! What a great way to network and meet people. Not only that, but the chamber schedules lots of events and knows about local things that are happening! Anyone that is a chamber member gets first dibs and discounts on vendor shows! You can also join a local B&I group. Check out for local groups that meet in your area as well as ways you can get involved!Volunteer! Volunteer at your church, local charities, libraries, kids school, get involved!! The name of the game in network marketing is numbers! The more people you meet, the more people you can eventually introduce your business to, the more likely you will run into those couple right people! Join a club, start a reading group, a pool league, bowling league, bunko, you might as well enjoy yourself and have fun while you network!!Start asking people if you can wrap them right now! You don’t need an appointment booked or party planned to work this business! If that were the case I would not be where I am today because I was working 60 hrs a week when I started with It Works! I didn’t have time to do a bunch of appointments or parties! I.had my wraps, plastic wrap, and phone on me at all times and when I blitzed someone I asked “how about if you try it right now? Ill even hook you up and give you the coupon price!” You would be shocked just how many will take you up on that offer!!I hope you guys take some of these random tips and get started this very weekend on a couple of them! Start being intentional every day, be creative, and watch your business begin to grow!!


Susie Reel magazine-feature-3

Tuesday’s Tip of the day!! The Art of Blitzing!!!

Our business card
A coupon for people to try our product discounted
Informational flyer essentially introducing The Ultimate Applicator and It Works! Global

Gets you in front of more people
Raises confidence
Book Parties
Make contacts for your business/products
Builds team community
Builds confidence or newbies
Teaches newbies how to talk about our business and products
Raises Awareness and Credibility about WHO IWG is.

T-Shirt (It Works! Shirt of some sort!) Dress professional not sloppy.
Name Tag
Accessories with Black and/or Green (Stands out and gets attention)
Blitz Cards Labeled
Wrap Bag… (Wraps, Saran, phone to take before and after pics, Scissors
Before and Aftersto show them
Notepad or Cell phone for follow up info
Do a drawing maybe…
Blitz in Pairs when at all possible
Success Magazine for Additional Credibility
Ingredient List in Brag Book

I’m introducing a new product in the area, here is a coupon…
I’m new in the area and introducing a new business and product to the area; I’d like to give you a coupon…
Simply, “Would you like a coupon?”
GUEST GIVE EXAMPLE of their approach.
My Wife is introducing a new Product in the area and I’m handing out coupons and booking appointments for folks to redeem their coupon…(If you’re a male)
Call local area businesses and just say, “Would you like to redeem your coupon for The Ultimate Body Applicator?” When they ask what
Cell Phone EXAMPLE
coupon, say “You don’t have a coupon for this NEW product? I’ll bring you one…” ha ha, you get the idea.

Facebook, Twitter, etc.…
Salons, Gyms, Chiropractors office, etc.…
Mom’s with children
KEEP SCOTCH TAPE/GAS PUMPS, bathroom doors, etc…
Put them in bills before you send out

Fully decked out daily in It Works! Attire!
Regular Blitzing schedule with Team
Blitzing with TEAM every week.
Weekly giveaways to prospects
Approaches cold contacts without a bat of an eye to introduce a The Ultimate Applicator with “Let me introduce a NEW Product on the Market…here’s a coupon. If you’d like to go ahead and schedule a time to redeem it we can do that too!”

Casual Blitzer
Leaves blitz cards behind wherever they go
Bulletin boards, reading areas, etc.…
Handing card out to others every day as part of regular routine but much more laid back about it
Rarely “schedules” blitzing time, just does it all day long (unless launching a new Distributor or participating in a Team or Global Blitz day)
Wears something that engages others to make contact with you first! (Green/Black clothing or Accessories, Name Tags, Shirts, etc.…)


Way to build community and TEAM build.
Teach team not only the art of blitzing, but how to follow up and create confidence in talking about their NEW business. Make few initial calls together or write a script for follow up.
Do follow up as a group (MORE FUN)
Help team build lead base, etc.…
Book parties make new contacts
Have more fun, less fear!
Accountability to Blitz
Post Pics of Blitzing on Facebook etc.… to draw attention and get pp asking questions
Friends Leads on Facebook and in the message part introduce yourself; thank them for their time today, etc.…
The more immediately you follow up with contacts the much more likely you are to book appointments for them to redeem their coupons
Email, Call and Text Leads
Do Giveaways on Larger Blitz days. Award winners
When calling contacts say, “Would you like to redeem the coupon I gave you today…”

Gives us INSTANT credibility
Label the front and back and stuff with blitz cards
Drop off in public reading areas, your bathroom at home, Dr. offices etc.…
When Blitzing, after handing out the coupon and someone asks, “What is it?”

Point to the side with the wrap on the body and say, “It looks like this and does this (as you flip the coupon over and show the before and after results). At this time I’d either stay quiet or point to the coupon and say, “when you are ready to redeem the coupon give me a call…” and WAIT. If they don’t say anything more move on…. If they do maybe add it can be worn anywhere and point to the sample pics. AND possibly ask for their information you’d love to follow up and possibly book an apt for them to redeem their coupon! Etc.

*** Bring on upcoming leaders having MAJOR success blitzing! Edify, Empower and Encourage Leaders!


When you have engaged someone who is interested in learning more, redeeming their coupon or getting it on ASAP invite them to a wrap party, team meeting or wrap them if you feel comfortable. If they want to learn more and you are too new, 3 way call your upline in immediately!


If you are braving Blitzing on your own and you get interest and they ask, HOW DOES IT WORK? Simply say, “I am not really sure, all I know is the first time I tried it I got ____________________ results. If you are interested in learning more I’d love for you to join us (upcoming party or team event or do a 3 way call with upline immediately!)

Now get out there and BLITZ YOUR HEART OUT!!