7 Day Bikini Blaster

Ready to get bikini ready? Super charge your results with the 7 Day Bikini Blaster!

Meal 1 – 1 cup coconut milk, 1 scoop Profit powder in 1 tsp coconut oil, 1/2 fruit (any kind) 2 scoops Greens, It’s Vital
Meal 2 – 1 Essential Bar, 1 Ultimate Thermofit
Meal 3 – 1 salad with chicken/salmon or lean steak, 1 cup Thermogenic Soup, 2 scoops Greens, It’s Vital
Meal 4 – 1 scoop Profit powder in water/iced coffee if you want, 1 Ultimate Thermofit
Meal 5 – any lean protein( fish is best) , green veggies, roasted peppers (as much as you want
Meal 6**** – 1 cup cottage cheese , sprinkle with almonds, cinnamon and stevia (truvia)

Wrap with the Ultimate Body Applicator every 3 days and use the Defining Gel everyday replacing your lotion after you get out of the shower…

If you are over 30 take 2 New You before bed and 1 first thing in the morning
Cook with olive or coconut oil, use balsamic dressing for salads


You need to exercise 30-45 min/day… do a total body workout at least 3x per week. Need extra energy? That is what our new Energy drink is all about!!!!

Cost of products are: Retail (RC) Loyal Customer (LC)

Ultimate Body Applicators (4 to a pack) (RC) $ 99 (LC) $ 59
Defining Gel (RC) $ 75 (LC) $ 45
Greens (Choice of Orange or Berry) (RC) $ 55 (LC) $ 33
Profit (Choice of Vanilla or Chocolate) (RC) $115 (LC) $ 69
Ultimate Thermofit (Thermogenic Formula) (RC) $ 65 (LC) $ 39
Essential Bars (Dark Chocolate/Raspberry) (RC) $ 45 (LC) $ 25
It’s Vital Core Nutrition (RC) $ 49 (LC) $ 29
New You (For those over 30) (RC) $ 89 (LC) $ 49
Energy Drink (For increased exercise endurance) (RC) $100 (LC) $ 60

Total Package for those under 30 (RC) $503 (LC) $299
Total Package for those over 30 (RC) $592 (LC) $348

Plus Energy Drinks (RC) $692 (LC) $408

As you can tell it is really smart to become a loyal customer and save 40%! There are 2 different ways to become a Loyal Customer. First, you can make a three consecutive month minimum commitment to a monthly auto-shipment order. Second, you can enroll by making a $50 Membership Fee PAYMENT and placing a single order for product. After three consecutive months on auto-shipment, the Loyal Customer shall receive free standard U.S. shipping on the fourth consecutive auto-shipment and all subsequent auto-shipments. Available to U.S. Loyal Customers only. For U.S. Loyal Customer orders greater than $125 USD (not including tax and shipping), the Loyal Customers shall receive free standard U.S. shipping. Plus you earn 10% in rewards for each purchase!

Good luck and HAPPY SHRINKING!