New It Works Chocolate Greens

Take your nutrition to a Whole ‘Notha Level! Give your body a boost when you alkalize†, balance†, and detoxify† with Greens!

ALKALIZE: The natural blend of ingredients in Greens is designed to help alkalize the body, restore pH balance, and support the immune system for overall health and wellness.†

BALANCE: Greens contains a powerful blend of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes in their bioactive, bioavailable form so you experience maximum absorption by your body for a big nutritional boost.†

DETOXIFY: With the natural detoxifying properties of Matcha Green Tea and a complex blend of 34 different varieties of fruits and vegetables, Greens delivers the best nutrients to support your body’s natural detoxification and help your body to naturally cleanse and balance for a healthier you.†

Acidity-fighting magnesium and potassium blend
52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods
34 fruits and veggies
Matcha Green Tea Added
Soy-Free. Dairy-Free. Vegan. Non-GMO.
No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
Decadent chocolate flavor

This product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or children. If you have a medical condition, health concern, or are taking prescription medication, consult with your health care professional before using this product.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Welcome to It Works!

Follow this 30 Day track to your bright new future!

Welcome! There is so much incredible potential with this business, you just have to work it! This 30 day list is designed to introduce you to It Works and get you moving in the right direction, introducing you to success before you even get your kit. Once you get a taste of that success, you will be hungry for more! You will most likely be getting way out of your comfort zone here, but success only comes when you are willing to grow! Making your way through the daily tasks will get you comfortable with the business and how to run it successfully along with answering a lot of your early questions. Tasks are kept simple so you won’t get overwhelmed, but can learn at a steady pace whilee having direction. Congratulations on choosing It Works and welcome to the family!!!

Day 1: Welcome to your very own It Works Adventure!
Today is training video day! You should have an email from It Works welcoming you to the family with your Distributor ID number and Password. Log into your eSuite (sounds like E Sweet) by going to and use the ID number you received at sign up as your login and your password. This is your back office – how you run your business. At the top you will notice the little icons. Click on the one that is a U, second from the end. Choose the option for training videos and watch them. It takes about 2 hours to go through them all.

Day 2: 30 List & Party
FIRST let’s make a game plan for you to earn a $10,000 GO FAST BONUS in the next 90 days! Black Diamond, Kami Pentecost-Dempsey shows us how to run for these bonuses!

1. Make a list today of at least 30 people you know – family, friends, friends of friends, anyone and everyone that you know whether or not you think they would be interested in the product or business. Divide the list into 3 categories: hot market, warm market, cold market. Your hot market is your immediate family and best friends. Your warm market is your extended family, acquaintances, and co-workers (if you have any). Your cold market is people you barely know, doctors, cashiers, etc. You can write it on a piece of paper/notebook or go to eSuite, under Documents is a printable 100’s list. Screenshot and private message it to your enroller when done!!!

2. Call your enroller and schedule a practice party and a launch party/sample party. Your practice party should be within the next 5 days and your launch party within the next 2 weeks. Your enroller will do your party for you – all you’ll need is wraps to sell, saran wrap, and water. If you haven’t gotten your wraps before your party, talk to your enroller to work something out.

Day 3: Start Contacting!!
Your 30’s list should be filled in as much as possible so today focus on contacting everyone on that list!! Your goal should be to start your business with a bang! I challenge you to get 4 LCs in the next 72 hrs!!
Contact EVERY person on your 100s list by TEXT MESSAGE or by Facebook PERSONAL MESSAGE with the following:

Hey ____!!! I wanted to share with you that I have signed up as a distributor with It Works to be able to work from home eventually be a full time stay at home family!! I am loving all of the products and the team that I joined! Our most popular product is our Skinny Wraps and my favorite product is our _____! If you are interested in getting healthier, or making a $10,000 bonus with me, please let me know! I would love to help you.


We have products to help almost any health goal! More energy, better sleep, less stress, weight loss, lose cellulite and so much more! What kind of goals do you have for yourself??

WHEN THEY CHOOSE, GIVE THEM THE PRICING LIKE THIS. (A few scripts to use as a template for any product they are interested in! I also try to offer them at least 3 products that I think could help them with their goals…. But remember don’t give them too much information at once…):

Hello! I would recommend our 90 day Fat Fighter challenge! You would get our Fat Fighter each month for three months. Benefits of the Fat Fighter is that it’s a supplement that it blocks some of the fats and carbs from your large meals! I like to take it for my cheat meals! It even helps regulate blood sugars and reduce your cravings! What’s even better is that you can take it within an hour AFTER eating! That is insane! I have one more spot open and if you want it, I can get your order placed and you will get MY DISCOUNT which is $25 each month for 3 months to complete your 90 days! Are you in?

Hello! I would recommend our 90 day Confianza challenge! You would get the Confianza each month for three months. Benefits of the Confianza are that it improves your focus, fights fatigue, and helps your body cope with all the stress life throws at you with Confianza. It increases your energy levels, and it’s special blend of herbs provides a safe way to enhance your body’s ability to cope with all forms of stress: physical, emotional, and environmental. I call it my happy mommy pill! 🙂 I have one more spot open and if you want it, I can get your order placed and you will get MY DISCOUNT which is $25 each month for 3 months to complete your 90 days! Are you in?

Hello! I would recommend our 90 day wrap challenge!! You would get the wraps (Ultimate Body Applicator) each month for three months. Benefits of the Ultimate Body Applicator is that it tightens tones and firms the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and gives you lasting results from a botanically based formula! It works in 45 minutes and you get progressive results over 3 days! That is insane! I have one more spot open and if you want it, I can get your order placed and you will get MY DISCOUNT which is $59 each month for 3 months to complete your 90 days! Are you in?

Hello! I would recommend the 90 day Cleanse challenge! You would get the Cleanse each month for three months. Benefits of the Cleanse is that it is gentle two-day herbal cleanse that helps your body reset and rebalance itself so you can feel and look your best! It is formulated with two proprietary blends to work with your body to help remove toxins while delivering essential nutrients and vitamins! It provides a powerful cleanse without the harsh effects other cleanses can cause. That’s insane!!! I have one more spot open and if you want it, I can get your order placed and you will get MY DISCOUNT which is $36 each month for 3 months to complete your 90 days! Are you in?

Ok I will get your order placed and then delete your info immediately! Please Send me a message with your name, phone number, email address, shipping and billing address, visa or prepaid card number and exp date! Sooo excited for you to try this amazing product!


Hello! We are known for our skinny wraps but have many other products! This is not sales and you do not carry inventory! There is also no quota and no contracts, it is 100 percent risk free. It is $99 dollars to join and that comes with a box of wraps and some other awesome things to get you started! From there your website that is totally built for you is free your first month, and if you decide to continue it is all month to month and just $20 to run your business for your website. If you are ready for a life change and a way to generate income from your own time at your home, I am ready to train and mentor you! It is your goal to promote the products for the company and when someone becomes interested you refer them to your website and they sign up on their own! Anyone that does sign up, you make income from! I have one spot left AND it includes training! Are you in?


Ok 😊 So we sell skin care, supplements including a detox powder, a wrap that tightens and tones the skin, a cleanse, a supplement for the hair, and even something for stress. Think to yourself of 4 people you could sell these products to!!! And this is also really cool…

We actually make money a few different ways.
1. We get wraps for a discount and you can sell them for profit. That’s instant cash in your pocket.
2. We earn commission off our customers’ orders, orders placed by distributors you enroll, and commission off of their customers. This is called residual income.
3. Bonuses. You get $100 every time you enroll a distributor and help them get their first 2 customers! Plus we have amazing promotions/bonuses about to be announced!
I would be here to guide and train you as well as help you go after those promotions! Are you interested in learning more about the team?


Ok, so it’s $99 to start in It Works. Don’t let that amount scare you! You can make that back DAY ONE! For $99, you get your business builder kit that contains marketing materials and 4 body wraps that you can either use for yourself, or sell for $25 each! This will make back your start up cost!!! (Who doesn’t love a RISK FREE opportunity?!) And trust me, after showing people what these wraps can do, finding 4 people to want to buy them IS EASY!

After that, you never pay more than $59 for a pack of 4 wraps. Each wrap we sell to someone for $25, which means $40 profit on every box we sell! You can also sign people up directly from your website (which is what most of us do—super easy!) Signing up loyal customers helps you make money! Why? For every 2 loyal customers (LCs) that sign on your website, you are able to get a pack of wraps for $25 + free shipping, allowing you to make $75 cash profit when those are sold in person. You also get commission on all of your online orders (15% on your own customers, 10% on your distributors customers, 5% on THEIR distributors customers).

As you can see, the bigger team you build, the more your commission will be. You also get a $100 bonus for every distributor (team member) you sign up when they get 2 LCs in their first 30 days. Get to Ruby and start making on average $400-600 a month! When you get to the level of Diamond Distributor, you’ll be earning an average of $2000 a month! There is no sales commitment you have to reach each month. You get to set up a website that is free your first month. After that it’s $20 a month (selling 1 wrap pays for that!). Also in order to get commissions and bonuses you run $80 or more in an autoship per month (this allows you to be a product of the product or have products on hand to sell/sample)!

If you don’t run this, no worries because you can also get commissions and bonuses by selling $150 worth of product on your website. But if it were my choice, I run an autoship! Easy qualification for commissions monthly!
Are you in!?!?!? <3

Day 4: Your First Facebook Posts
Keep some mystery on your Facebook page! I know how excited you are, but don't throw up all of the information on your profile! Posting 3 times a day about your business (Include 1 before an after photo every day too!) and 2 times about your personal life, interests or quotes is the goal! Total of per day! Don't post TOO much or facebook decreases the visibility of your posts.
Reply similarly to what we did yesterday. Again, if you don't know the answer, ask!

I just found a product to help me tone up my belly that actually WORKS! Is anybody else interested in trying it with me?

I just started my own business, and I have 3 spots to work together closely with a few friends to turn $99 into $10,000 in the next 90 days! Who wants in on this???

I have just started my own business and have room for 5 product testers at my wholesale prices for a 90 day challenge!! Who has one of the following goals?
✳Diminish stretch marks (pregnant or not)
✳Need 8 servings of fruits & veggies to be a healthier you
✳Would you like to sleep better, fall asleep faster and stay asleep?
✳Looking to lose 20-30lbs
✳Someone looking to turn back ⌛ time and have a younger looking face
✳Tighten, tone & firm anywhere from the neck down✋
✳Need less anxiety , more focus and anti-stress
✳Want to eat unhealthy meals such as fast food but not gain weight
✳Struggling with dark circles, puffy eyes or want plumper lips
✳Looking to have mermaid hair, stronger nails & clearer skin
Comment or message for details on how YOU could get my cost for this challenge!

***You will now start posting on facebook every single day about the products and the business!! Consistence is KEY!

-Here is some training to watch on the topic by Ambassador Diamond Susan Wade who built to Presidential Diamond in only 9 months on facebook:

Susan Wade was just tooo cute while teaching what and what NOT to post on FB #NashvilleTraining #awesomeSaturday

Posted by Tina Parker Hatcliff on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 5: Getting Organized
Today you will get organized. It is very important to keep track of who you have already talked to, how the conversation went, when to follow up with them, if they're interested in being a Loyal Customer (we call these Potential Loyal Customers or PLCs) or a Distributor (PDT), etc. Every person you have talked to or who has shown interest needs to be tracked. Name, date you talked to them, what they were interested in, products they asked about, anything that will help with follow up in the future. This is where you will go when looking who to follow up with! I personally rely heavily on the “NOTES” app & “CALENDAR” app in my iphone and use most everything straight from my phone, but paper and pen works better for some people!

-Watch how Jade Hooper, Ambassador Diamond, stays organized to get some helpful tips. Use what you like and adapt it to what best suits you.

-I also use this binder to keep my leads and 100's list organized! Watch how Kortney Lavey put it together for her Ambassador business:

Day 6: Steps to Success
We like to keep things simple and duplicatable. We follow 3 simple steps that will lead to your success with this company. You saw them on the training videos, but we will go over them again here as they are the FOUNDATION of our company. They are the KEY to making money.
STEP 1: Sign up (Since you've done that already, the new first step becomes to recommit to your business and run an 80 BV autoship. This makes you commission and bonus qualified. I will explain BV, PBV and GV below. Many new distributors like to start with a Quick Pick 9 on their autoship. It is 80BV and includes 8 wraps and 8 individual envelopes to present your single wraps in when selling them. You can get other products if there is something you want to try. We say, “Be a product of the product.” Just make sure you have 80BV
STEP 2: Get 4 LCs – every time you get 2 LCs you get a box of wraps for $25. Getting 4 LCs in your first 30 days will get you WRAP REWARDS: 2 boxes for $25/each ($150 profit once you turn around and sell these!).
STEP 3: Get 3 DTs and teach those DTs to do the Steps to Success.
Here is a good message to send people when looking for new DTs:
Hey girl! Hope you're doing well! I just started a new health and wellness business from home and I’m so excited! I have to say that I think you would make a fabulous distributor with It Works. You are positive, motivated, and have a cute personality! You could be really successful with this. It might be perfect for you if you're interested in making some extra income this year! Please tell me you'll at least consider

Complete these Steps to Success at least once a month if you can. Some people can do several of these, sometimes it takes a little longer. The more you can do this, the more you will see your paycheck jump.

Each product is associated with a BV (Bonus Volume) amount. In most cases the BV is equal to the dollar amount, but sometimes in an effort to keep costs down, the BV amount is slightly lower (Wraps are $59, but have a BV of 54)
BV=bonus volume
PBV=volume of your autoships, all your orders, and all your personal LCs orders combined
GV=volume of your entire organization – your volume, your customers' volumes, the volumes of all your DTs and their LCs and their DTs and their LCs….anyone and everyone who ever enrolls on your team from now until forever

Print out the Steps to Success sheet so you can start filling it out. When you finish, print out another, repeat as necessary

Day 7: All About Ruby
Print out the Ruby chart from the Documents Section of your eSuite, put it on your fridge or somewhere you will see it every single day, then watch this video to see how to chart to Ruby:

Call your upline/enroller to check in, on the phone so you can speak to each other.

Day 8: Getting Familiar with eSuite
Denise Walsh, Ambassador Diamond with It Works, is going to guide you through your back office, also called eSuite, so you can get to know its basic features. You are going to follow along, so be ready with your Distributor ID and password! Contact your enroller/upline with questions that you have!

Day 9: Being Thoughtful
John-Erik Moseler has worked for Pixar, Google, and other top companies and is now does a lot o social media training. Watch these videos to learn a bit about being social and how to work Social Media.

Day 10: Explore
Take a look around your website and look over the products.
Notice that we are so much more than just wraps! We have products for – Body Contouring (Wraps/Defining Gel) – Lifestyle (Fat Fighters, Confianza, Its Vital, etc) – Greens (Berry/Orange, & On The Go) – Skin Care (Facial Wraps, Peel, HSN, etc) – Value Packs (discounted).
Products I would recommend taking note of…Wraps, Greens, Fat Fighters, HSN, and Lip & Eye Cream.
How does the wrap work? — It’s a lotion infused cloth. You place it wherever you want to target from the chin down to firm, tone, and contour. The lotion does the work. *For YOU to know…they come in a box of four. One wrap is a treat, four is a treatment. They unfold it, place it lotion side down. Wear it for 45 minutes up to overnight. Rub the excess lotion in, and drink water. Wrap keeps working in the skin for 72 hours! Then they do another one.
Contact your sponsor with any questions you have about the wraps or other products.
Also, on your website if you click a product and scroll down it says "View Ingredients" click that and a pdf file will download with the product’s ingredients, instructions and commonly asked questions!

-Another great website with commonly asked product questions with a wealth of information to refer to is Save this site somewhere handy!!

Day 11: Personality
Take this quiz to find out what color you are, then read about your Personality Color.
Now that you have some information about the company and you are off to a GREAT start, it is time to write your story! Your story will change a little over time but it is the most powerful tool you have to getting people on board with you!
Use the following guidelines to write your story. Practice it in the mirror then call your sponsor and tell him/her your story.
1. What is your background? (teacher, stay at home mom, cashier, etc.)
2. What is it that you don’t like about it? (too much work, not enough pay; need extra money to stay home, etc.)
3. What solution did you find? (It Works, Global)
4. How do you feel about the future? (I’m excited because…)
Let your upline know what color you are J

Day 12: A Little About Policy and Procedures
Something that you need to know:
-We can only share before and afters that are corporate approved. They have a template with fine print on the bottom to protect us and keep us in line with the FDA. Compliance surfs social media, so if they see your post (noncompliant), they can delete your distributor account. Be cautious :). I get all of my before and after photos from:
-We are not allowed to offer incentives to sign up a loyal customer. This keeps the playing field even for all distributors. For example, you can not offer a Free Wrap for the next person who signs up as a loyal customer or joins your team.
-We are not allowed to advertise on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist or anything like them. We are also not allowed to advertise on Facebook swap pages. The general rule is if you can buy a used couch on the page, you can't advertise on it.
-For the rest of Policies & Procedures, go to eSuite and look under the Documents section. We are also not allowed to advertise any medical claims about the products. Stick to what is on the product information sheets that you find in the Document section in your eSuite. You should read a couple of pages a day of the Policies until you know all of the Policies in the document.

Day 13: Work Your Business with a Purpose!
Discover your WHY! Why did you join? What are you looking to gain from this business? Write it down and put it somewhere you see daily so you're reminded every day of why you're doing this and not giving up! Make a “dream board” today. Get a poster board or big piece of paper and put all of your dreams on it. Post it somewhere that you see all of the time and never forget your whys. This company's motto is "Give us a year we will change your life, not "give us a week…" give us a year! Work hard, do what your uplinewho have been successful do and put in the effort and your life will change in a year like mine did!

Sometimes your friends and family will not support you in this business. Some go so far to extend their negativity into your life. Do NOT let them get you down!! Keep your head up and remember WHY you are doing this. My dream board is my background on my phone so every time I don’t feel like sending one more message or doing one more post, I am reminded that if I want those dreams to become my reality, I have to push just a little harder! Often, it is just the encouragement I need!

Day 14: Learn About our Leaders
•Melody and Blair McFarlane are top ranked Ambassador Diamonds and current #5 money earners with It Works! They weren't always millionaires, in fact, they come from very humble beginnings. Take a quick listen to their story.

•She created an awesome New Distributor Training for us!
This is some of the BEST training y'all will get! I ADORE Melody 💚 Here's the link:

Day 15: Instagram
Instagram can be a huge part of our business! That is where we meet people and build relationships with them! It is also where we can share our products and let them in on our adventure! Watch this training and put it into action TODAY!:

Day 16: DMs!
A Direct Message is a message you can send on Instagram! You should be messaging everyone who likes your It Works pics! DM them with the picture they liked and whichever of the following is appropriate.
To someone who likes your pic about a product:
Hey girl! I saw you liked my post about the ____! Were you interested in trying it for yourself?!

To someone who likes your pic about being a distributor:
Hey girl! I saw you liked my post about making an extra income from home! Are you interested in what I do?

Practice sending DMs today and screenshot one you did and send it to your enroller/upline! This can generate a lot of customers and distributors for your business if you can commit to sending out a lot of messages! Power in numbers!

Day 17: Conversations
Contact your upline and send them a screenshot of your conversation with a PLC and PDT and get some tips!
Everyone when they start needs tips because no one comes into this knowing 100% the perfect way to talk with potentials etc so make today a learning day on how to better word things when talking with your PLCs/PDTs! This can make a big difference for your business! If you aren’t signing customers and distributors, 75% of the time it can be because you aren’t saying the right things! Let us help you!

Day 18: Compensation Plan for Newbies!
This video explains it all amazingly!!!!

We are paid three ways:
1. Selling any product we have on hand for retail (a wrap for $25)
2. Earning a commission check for all sales made through our websites on your customers, distributors, and their customers!
3. Earning tons of bonuses for helping new distributors start their businesses as well as building successful teams.

1. First, you can sell wraps to put cash back in your pocket. You can sell wraps and facials for $25-$35. You can sell any other products you have on hand for RETAIL price – NOT loyal customer price. Sell items to friends or family or at parties. Your goal at a party is to get people to sign as loyalsor distributors. That is how you make residual income (income that you are paid over and over and over again).
You get an Applicator Reward for EVERY two LCs you get. That means that every time you get two LCs for the entire life of your business, you get a box of wraps or facials for only $25.
2. On the 15th of every month, you receive a commission check for all orders placed through your website between the 1st and last day of the month before. And all orders that any distributors under you sell. Commission checks are roughly 10 to 15% of the group volume of your top two rows of distributors. That number varies as you go up or down in rank. It's important to understand you will be paid that commission for three months if you have an LC on autoship(so a one-time sale usually means three months of commissions because people buy with us for at least three months!) You are paid commissions on the 15th of the month on all the volume you had the month before (from the 1st to the 31st). For example the work I did July 1st-31st, I will receive a check for it August 15th.
3. Fast Start Bonuses of $99 are paid on Fridays after a distributor enrolled by you gets fast start qualified. This is a one time $99 bonus. They can get fast start qualified by getting two loyal customers in their first 30 days and running an autoshipof 80 BV minimum. So to summarize: run your first AutoShipfor 80 BV no more than 30 days after you enroll. For example, if you enroll on April 2, it needs to run by May 2 for 80 BV or higher. If you are worried you have not set this up correctly, contact your enroller or call customer service. **You will see a little check mark next to the commission qualified box in your eSuite once your AutoShip runs correctly for the month.

You will know you have a paycheck waiting because you will receive an email. If it is less than $23, you will not get a check, but that amount will carry over to next month. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A PAYONEER account. Either sign up for the It Works Debit Card or have the money transferred to your bank. You will not receive a commission check if you fail to be commission qualified (Autoship or 150 pbv). Your AutoShip must run by 25th of the month to count! The 24th day of the month is the last day to set up your AutoShip if it is not already set up.
*** I highly recommend that people run their AutoShips between the first and the 15th of the month in case there is a problem.

Side note & something to look forward to…. THE MORE YOU PROMOTE, THE MORE PERCENTAGE YOU GET PAID OUT on your volume!!!!! They reward us WELL for working hard at It Works!!!

Day 19: It Works Store
We have an entire store that we purchase marketing materials, clothing, etc. from. Take a look around www•myitworksstore•com to see all the different stuff we can get! You need to get a tshirt!!! Sell 1 wrap and dedicate it to buying a shirt. It’s great advertising, people will stop you to ask about it!

Day 20: Keep Good Records!
You are officially self employed and tax time will come around sooner or later!! I highly encourage you to get a good system for keeping up with expenses (deductions) for your business! The more deductions you have, the less you owe Uncle Sam J I keep a coupon book in my car just for my It Works receipts. If I go to coffee with a loyal customer, potential or dinner for a team training, entire conference trip to Florida, all stamps used to mail things to my team and to my customers, supplies for your business, attire from the it works store, blitz cards, marketing tools, advertising, giveaways, product sold on hand, ALL OF IT is a write off. I highly recommend talking to somebody who has done it before and getting some tips.

2 apps you might want to download: Square, and QuickBooks Self Employed!

***Download the square app now!! They will send you a FREE card reader so you can accept credit cards now for retail wraps. I put ALL wrap cash sales through my square app (cash, check and card), it has the capability to send them a receipt to their email or phone. Then come tax time you know exactly how many of your wraps you sold for profit and how many of the wraps you bought were for personal use!***

QuickBooks Self Employed:
•It automatically tracks my mileage every day, then I just go back in and mark which trips were for business (driving to trainings, to sell a product, meet a potential, wrap party etc…) and it automatically deducts it!!
•It also links to your bank account so you can mark which transactions were for business (write off…. going to eat with your team or coffee with potential, gas, postage, office supplies etc…)
•You can mark your It Works DEPOSITS to automatically to go to the income section!
•You can take photos of any receipts that coincide with bank transactions that are a business expense for proof. You can also take pictures of receipts and save them as business expense if you paid cash for anything business related.
•Mark your car payment for tax write off monthly automatically
•Keeps a running tab of how much you owe IRS currently for the year based on the info you plug in, and how much you have in deductions!
& So Much More!

It's a life saver! Mileage on your car is a HUGE deduction so don't miss out!!! You don't want to owe money at the end of the year so deductions are important! Remember you are self employed so it Works doesn't take taxes out of your check! We have to keep good records of business!

Day 21: Blitzing!!
Your task for today is to hand out 5 coupons (we call them blitz cards).
Blitzing is one of the MOST intimidating parts of our business. I remember feeling like I was going to throw up while gathering the courage to blitz. But guess what? I didn't die. And I didn't puke. Unfortunately, there is no way around this. You simply have to make yourself do it. Practice in front of a mirror for a while until the words roll off your tongue if you can't get the courage to just do it. Or make your best friend be your Guinea Pig. Here are some examples of what to say:
1. It's customer appreciation day – here's a coupon
2. I'm spreading the word about my business – here's a coupon
3. When the cashier asks you about your day, tell them, "It's great! I just started a new business!" They will say, "Oh really? What are you doing?" Hand them a blitz card
Blitzing doesn't have to be some grand, planned out day. Just do it as you go about your normal activities. The cashier at the gas station, the mom at the playground, your bank teller…. Just find ways to work it into your conversations. It is best to not say a bunch of stuff. Just hand them the blitz card and let them look at it. This is the hardest thing to do because you will feel like you're supposed to say something. DON'T! Just let them look.
Make it a habit to work blitzing into your daily life!

Great training on Blitzing with Ambassador Diamond, Top 10 Income Earner, Susan Wade & Leaders:

Also training on how to blitz if you are SHY:


Posted by Yami Fernandez on Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Day 22: Expos
Expos are another way to get new contacts! Find an expo and book it. Just beware that we cannot do booths at flea markets, farmers markets, or anywhere that sells second hand goods including garage sales. Call all of the local schools, YMCA’s, malls, and Chamber of Commerce and see if they know of any local events for vendors coming up. I use a website called to find a lot of events as well as call all the local bridal shows! Great place to meet new people! There is a great video training in this page by Holly Dershem about how to rock a booth and what you need! Just search "Booth Training" and it pops up!

Day 23: Fortune is in the Follow Up
If you are struggling to close, below is a great video. You should also reach out to your enroller or upline and send them a screenshot of your convo and ask them to help you with responses to close!

On average you will have to follow up 7-20 times before a person signs up with you! So stay consistent checking back and continuing to grow that relationship!

-Potential LC follow up:
Hey girl!!! Good morning!!! Just wanted to check back and see what you decided about joining in on my 90 day challenge! 💪

Hey girl! I'm putting in orders today before the weekend starts! I'm happy to help you with yours too!:) Do you have any new health goals since the last time we talked!?

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•pDT follow up:

Hey Jane! I just wanted to follow up with our last conversation and see if I can answer any more questions for you. What's holding you back?!

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Day 24: How to Host a Wrap Party in Person!
Hosting a wrap party is simple and easy and doesn't need to be extravagant by any means.
-Here is a great video made by our CNO, Pam Sowder!

-And a LIVE recording of Ambassador Diamond Tiffany Herr's wrap party:

LAUNCHING Brooklynn Bryan BUSINESS !!!! 󾬔󾔗󾬔󾔗

Posted by Tiffany Herr on Thursday, February 11, 2016

DAY 25: The Secret Law of Attraction
I am a firm believer in this movie and recommend you watch it at least once a month. Speaking your goals into the universe will help you make them happen! Removing negative thought and replacing with positive is what is going to change your business.
What are you speaking into the universe in your first 30 days?!??

DAY 26: Learning from the Best!!!
Watch and learn from some of the most successful people in the business…
Tips from the Top: It Works GC 2015

I also recommend downloading Periscope and following all of our leaders who do many trainings for us. This is an investment of time into your business! I recommend following:
Jade hooper,
Kortney Lavey,
Cortney Bohr,
Jocelyn Yates,
John Erik,
Nicholas Wade Kimps,
Susan Wade
Alejandra Salas
Rachel Williamson
Ashley Sinclair
Vincent James Ferrazzano
Kami Dempsey
Jaree Knellee
Chad Kneller
Mark Pentecost
Mike Potillo
Pam Sowder
Any leaders in the company: Search "Leaders to follow" in this group and the Top 100 money earners for 2016 pops right up!

Day 27: Work with Intention
The goal is for you to learn how to work smarter not harder, so you may make money from home but still enjoy your life with your family. The biggest key is to make sure when you are working, you are focused!
If that means working during your baby's nap time, or having 2 pm be movie time everyday for your kiddos, then do it!
If you need to wake up 1 hr earlier to work while your kids sleep, do it! Do what you need to, schedule what you need to to make sure you have some part of your day that is uninterrupted and can be solely used for focusing on work!
When working make sure it is money making activities and not just scrolling through Facebook because let's be honest, we all have been guilty of doing that when we were supposed to be working! So my point is to make a schedule or do what you need to so you are intentionally working every. single. day. and not wasting time! 30 min of focused work will accomplish more than 4 hours of distracted unfocused work!

A great way to start this is to make a “6-list” every night before bed of 6 business related “income producing activities” you want to accomplish the next day and commit to yourself that you aren’t letting the day go by without finishing 6 tasks to propel your business forward!

Here are some great things to put on your 6-list throughout the month:

Day 28: Plug-In
Download the It Works WIRED app! This is a great way to get on the weekly calls!! Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night!
I like to listen to calls while folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, or doing some other task that requires no brain work. You can listen to the calls live as well by calling the number that corporate supplies at the bottom of their weekly emails or you can listen online by going to the Events tab. Listen to the past calls whenever you can.
Another way to plug-in is to attend a One Team One Mission (OTOM) presentations (Bring potentials!!), and BOOT CAMP trainings. These are fun!!! Even if you have to drive 2-3 hours, it is worth it!!! You get to meet sidelines and hear amazing stories from people just like you that will get you fired up and ready to RUN!! You can find OTOMs and BOOT CAMPS on the corporate calendar as well. Go look for the next one coming to your area and get there!! Go to your replicated website and click on Events at the very top and you can see the calendar of events 🙂

“Those who show up, go up!” Make it to every training you can to get your tank filled!

Day 29: Personal Development! Don't allow yourself to stay discouraged!
One of the very best perks about this business is growing as a person. Growing your mindset is an essential part of growing your business! Network marketing is personal development with a compensation plan. There are so many great people to learn from.

You will be discouraged at some point in your first 30 days! It's NORMAL! Every leader gets discouraged too! We just have to learn how to fight back, and keep going! Hearing no over and over again can sting. That's why we have to be equipped to press through when the tough days come! Here is a inspiring video on what to do when a Newbie becomes Discouraged:

Self Development List:
The ones with a * are the ones I recommend starting with!

*Go Pro
How Successful People Think
Think and Grow Rich
Flip Flop CEO
Find Your Extraordinary
Beach Money
Unqualified by Steven Furtick

*The Strangest Secret- Earl Nightingale
Zig Ziglar
Jim Rohn
Joyce Meyer
Les Brown
Dave Ramsey
John Maxwell

This is a great place to get started

DAY 30: Make it Happen!!
If you want success, it is now up to YOU to make it happen. No one is going to do it for you, this is YOUR business after all, but we ARE here to help! You have been given a solid foundation and the tools to build something amazing!! We can't wait to see what you do with it!

Now is the time to have the “What level do you want to play at?” conversation with your upline!! Contact your upline today and discuss your goals!

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April Special Days

Is April the cruelest month? It’s rough on calendar-makers, for sure. There are so many themes and special days in April that it’s a great learning opportunity for your kids. Here’s the list, with many suggested activities to go with each theme, holiday or special day!

April is:

March Special Days

There are so many themes and special days in March that it presents a great learning opportunity for your kids. Here’s the list, with many suggested activities to go with each theme, holiday or special day!

March is:

  • National Craft Month
  • Women’s History Month
  • American Red Cross Month
  • National Peanut Month
  • Kite Month
  • Frozen Food Month
  • Help Someone See Month
  • Irish-American Heritage Month
  • International Listening Awareness
  • Noodle Month
  • Non-Fiction Reading; Writing Month
  • Nutrition Month
  • Optimism Month
  • Poetry Month
  • Play the Recorder Month

March Holidays and Special Days to Celebrate

March 1: Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

March 2: Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America Day

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Ultimate ThermoFit – Thermogenic Weight Loss Formula with Acai Berry and Capsimax®

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